Oldskool Bike parts

The first time I built a BMX up from scratch was back in 1979 and my first MTB was back in 1986. These are the moments which form the foundation of this new company, Old Skool Bike parts.

All around the world people just like you and me are scouring the internet and collecting everything linked to the eighties’ BMX era or nineties’ MTB era, why I hear you say? Oldskool bike parts and accessories are cool. We are continuously searching the internet whilst trying to find that ultimate part which is going to turn a project into your ultimate Oldskool BMX or MTB.

During the eighties and early nineties, bike parts were produced due to requirement. Due to the popularity of an emerging sport, parts and accessories were developed to resist the rigors of harsh treatment. All of the products that you see on new BMX, MTB’s evolved from these early designs, yet they've lost that old school flare of design driven by requirement.

When you browse through the products and accessories offered by “Oldskool Bike parts“,(OSB). You are going to find quality replicas of popular vintage bike products as well as new products that are inspired by the designs and style of the early days. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

We are able to ship Oldskool bike parts worldwide, quickly and efficiently. We also carry a wide range of Oldskool chopper parts to suit everybody’s needs. So if you're looking for vintage BMX/MTB frames, forks, wheels, handlebars, gears, brakes, cranks, saddles, seat posts and many more. Our extended list of products is going to fulfill all of your wishes. Not only new but we also supply New Old Stock (NOS) and we are always on the look-out for used components. We are also the official distributor of new parts from companies such as Kashimax, Nitto, MKS, Weinmann, Tange, AME grips, Dia components as well as lots more great brands.

Oldskool bike parts has a solution for every restoration of a BMX or MTB which was manufactured before the year 2000. We can supply most of the reproduction parts which are available today and NOS parts for this era of Oldskool bikes.

The best way to contact us is through e-mail: We aim to answer your e-mail between 1-5 working days.